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SHARK Development Kit

.. take a bite out of handheld development time ..

SHARK is a revolutionary development kit primarily focused towards building applications for handheld computing - in the mobile market. The development kit, allows any programmer, with elementary C/C++ programming knowledge, but without handheld development experience - to write applications to run on devices that normally require expert, and, often very costly development teams.

A kit solely based on abstraction, with the creation of new API's specifically optimized for handheld computing; allows the development of a single source code base to be easily and quickly recompiled/distributed on multiple platforms at the same time.

SHARK provides the basic input/output functionalities within the multi-platform environment - specifically this is event management, system input/output (keys, stylus, file, comms), graphics primitive layer and a utility layer for memory management; a BIOS environment.

Additional libraries can be developed based on SHARK to provide functionality for complex database management, graphical user interfaces, network protocols and other higher level concepts.

- Development Environment -

application.c .. DAL.h

Development occurs on the Windows™ desktop - using industry standard tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio™ which provide outstanding debugging and profiling tools - to provide a 'Windows™ native' application which exhibits the realistic behaviour of the application; without the complexity of the handheld computing environment.

- Published Environment -

application.exe .. application.prc .. application.sis

Building the mobile platform variants can be done in-house by your own team of developers (requires minimal knowledge of the destination platform) or, the complexity of the mobile platforms can be 100% outsourced; where the production of the binaries is done by experts in each area for a fee exact details are arranged in licensing.

- Demonstration -

The SHARK development kit can produce applications very quickly. Cube 3D is a classic application that shows graphic generics and the essense of animation.

See for yourself!

To install to a handheld device, consult the documentation that accompanies the device for complete instructions - on devices that require certification to install applications, disabling this feature will be required to install the demonstration.

Additional platforms are under development, more information can be made on request, see contact information below.

- Licensing and Enquiries -

SHARK development kit can assist your development projects in a number of ways:

  • Lower Development Costs.
  • Short Development Times, Quicker to Market.
  • Single Code Maintenance.
  • Future Potential for Additional Platforms with zero effort.

Interested parties who wish to obtain more information on the SHARK development kit and sample demonstration projects should contact Mobile Wizardry with licensing enquiries and request further information.

Additional demonstration applications are available on request to interested parties.

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